Sunday, September 16, 2007

Academic bodies

Horace, of "To Delight and Instruct," has written a pair of interesting posts of bodies (especially male ones) and dress in the academy. The initial post on "academic masculinity" is good, but this follow-up post -- in which he responds to a comment -- returns to the same questions in a way that I found more thought-provoking.


Blogger Brian said...

These were very good; thanks for sharing them. This general topic has been on my mind as I've been thinking about the clothes I have in my closet and my transition (hopefully) to the front of a classroom next year. (To say nothing of job interviews.)

I think that I will definitely prefer to dress on the more dressed up side of male academia. I suspect, however, that in addition to creating authority over against the students (is "over against" an English prepositional phrase or am I just channeling Dutch?), this preference on my part has much to do with the defining myself as adult. Just like I eat my veggies more frequently now because it's simply what adults do.

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