Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ideological bias, academic freedom

Mark Bauerlein on the ideological bias of the academy (and professors who write books for fewer than 50 people).

UPDATE: From a different perspective, Michael Bérubé on academic freedom.

My pairing of MB and MB, by the way, is a little accidental, but only a little. They have had a long and illuminating series of exchanges in different venues.


Blogger Brian said...

I think both of these articles are well-reasoned and present something that those of us who are on our way away from Emory have to start deciding how we'll respond to.

As always in things like this, the comments that follow Berube's piece are far more interesting and far more disturbing (on both sides of the aisle) than the possible confrontation between Bauerlein and Berube.

11:16 AM  

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