Thursday, August 16, 2007

Baptists, Witches, and Southern Spaces

Whether or not you had a chance to attend Craig Womack's "Baptists and Witches" talk here last December, you should take a look at the web publication of the talk in Southern Spaces, the web journal that Allen Tullos of the ILA edits. The article is here, and the main journal page is here.

The web version includes the video of the talk, broken up into segments. However, it also includes a map, illustrations from an old journal article about the place in question, the text of the original short story about which he was speaking, and links to other resources. Apparently, Womack has shot some video at the location of the church, and that's going to be added later as well. This kind of multimedia web publication isn't quite bleeding edge any more (my rule of thumb is that if I know about it, it's way past bleeding, cutting, and maybe even dull edge), but it's a nice example of its possibilities. And if you saw the talk in Kemp Malone, it's striking to see how much content and context can be added via this kind of publication.

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