Monday, March 17, 2008

To graduate or not?

Tenured Radical wrote yesterday about whether one should graduate or not when one doesn't have a tenure-track position lined up. In short, her advice is to stay in school--if possible--, polish your diss, and get some articles out. She sees adjuncting or VAPing as taking too much time to allow you to polish your writing.

Others thoughts?



Blogger Michael E. said...

2 things. First, TR qualifies this: "it is a real question," and also notes that there are financial considerations as well.

The other thing is that TR is writing from the perspective of a research-oriented liberal arts college -- a book-for-tenure place. For those places, she is right that having publications matters, and that teaching a lot will slow you down. On the other hand, more teaching-oriented places prefer to see the degree in hand, in my experience. Of course, there are lots of anecdotes I can tell that go against all of these rules.

No easy answers here.

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